MathType 6.0

Math Type 6.0 is a software which makes equation processing task easier

Math Type 6.0 is excellent mathematics equation editor software which makes equation processing task easier by maximizing efficiency and saving time. It allows you to insert mathematic equations in a document, presentation, web pages, and desktop publishing of an application. This powerful and easy to use tool will help you to create new equation and edit them accordingly with simple double click on it at any time. Math Type equation is a graphical image so you can create and save equations in several graphic formats and paste it into your application. It comes with a collection of more than 1000 math symbols, templates as well as math fonts. Via its Math Page technology you can create wonderful math web pages from MS Word documents. In fact a handicap user can also benefit with the information provided by screen readers via its math accessibility. Editing modes, multiple zoom level, equation numbering, color options, browsing features and many more capabilities makes this tool versatile than any other similar one. Compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, and 2000, this user friendly tool supports many window applications and works with Wikipedia too.

Krishna Vulisetti
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  • It supports several applications and wikipedia
  • It comes with a collection of more than 1000 math symbols, templates as well as math fonts
  • Provides color opions to highlight the equations


  • Math Type 6 disables some of the macros that will stop copy and paste function in MS word
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