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MathType is a very good mathematical equation solver
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MathType is a math solving tool, just like Matlab and MathCad. But it lacks the advanced features of Matlab. This one is a small program, just like MathCad. It has an editing feature that I would describe as quite clumsy.

Well, it is a simple Windows forms application, with a lot of buttons on the top and a white area at the bottom. We can type in the equations, supported by the mathematical functions or operators by selecting it with the buttons at the top. It is like writing on a paper and it can be extended both in horizontal and vertical directions.

The equations can be represented graphically, just as we usually write, not just the style generally used in computers. For example, a^2 means a squared in Matlab. But here, it can be written with a on the bottom and a small 2 as superscript. Also, the square root, division, etc. are represented graphically. This is something different from Matlab.

This one integrates itself into Microsoft Office applications. But this causes a lot of changes to the security settings of MS Office, like that of the Macro Security settings.

Well, at first this program may seem quite confusing. But it is perfect for solving small problems, as the editing takes less time once you get to know where you can find all mathematical functions in the collection of buttons.

The reviewed version is 5.2. There is a newer version available on the developer's site.

Zack Martin
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  • Small Program
  • Integrates into MS Office


  • Not quite user friendly
  • Few features
  • High Price
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